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Korria 1234's Sonic Character Adopt
Please pay for him here whenever you're ready by clicking "yes". You may leave the comments on any of my art pieces from this gallery except for those in my scraps. If you can, please try to make them at least two sentences, as I'd like to get the most out of them. Critiques are also welcome on applicable pieces 

Important Bulletin

.:Shades of Autumn:. by SootxSprite
Hi guys. I don't normally like to broadcast all of my personal business on DA, but seeing as it affects some of you, I'd like for you guys to know what's been up with me as of late. As of August 10th 2014, one of my best friends, and the co-creator of "Sevira Sexton" has passed on. I've had a few days to recover from her actual loss, but I've been unmotivated to draw. I will continue to finish commissions, but please bear with me the art block is immense.

I love you Celeste, you will always be one of my best friends <3


 photo Twigposter_zpscb970189.png
Artist Info

"Welcome to my little corner of DeviantArt. I'm a digital artist specializing in Sonic fan characters, Fakemon, and some other character concepts. In fact, I think what I like best about art is creating characters, so expect to see a wide range of 'em in my gallery if you take a peek."

Twiggy Blackstone

Twiger, Twigerstripes, Twiggles, Twigglesticks

Domestic Feline, Chausie

Favorite Subjects
Sonic, Pokemon, and Chibi

Least Favorite Subjects

Sketchwork: 2/5
"Fast but messy"

Linework: 4/5
"Flexible, both thick and thin types"

Coloring: 3/5
"Spectrum based coordination"

Shading: 3/5
"Learning new styles"

Editing: 1/5
"Difficulty editing anything already done"

"My commissions are open unless stated otherwise"

"I'll commission others occassionally, if the mood strikes"

"I'm very selective, mostly reserved for friends"

Art Trades:
"I'm kinda selective, I'd like a similar skill levels if possible, but I'm willing to make exceptions for friends."

"I'll do requests very rarely, but they're reserved for friends only"

Gift Giver:
"I give em' every once in a while, especially if I love ya."

Gift Receiver:
"I appreciate gifts, but please ask first. I'd like to at least know the premise of the image if it has something to do with my character's personal lives."


Frequently Asked Questions

:bulletblack:Are you a part of any fandoms?:bulletblack:
"I'm actually a hardcore Pokemon fan, although only for the games. I've had at least two of each generation's games and I always... always catch them all." *shot*

:bulletpurple:Which Pokemon generation is your favorite?:bulletpurple:
"It's tied between SoulSilver and the original Silver versions. I just love the Pokemon from the Johto region so much... and y'know, that's when Dark types came out.

:bulletblack:What made you come to DeviantArt?:bulletblack:
"I used to come to this site a lot back in high school, just looking at the art and trying to draw from them. Around 2010, I got access to Photoshop and decided that I might as well post some of my art too. "

:bulletpurple:Do you have any future plans?:bulletpurple:
"I'm currently going to school, majoring in Graphic Design."

:bulletblack:What programs do you use to draw?:bulletblack:
"I use Paint Tool Sai for lineart and Photoshop CS5 for coloring. I currently use my computer mouse, although I might start working with a tablet soon."

EDIT: I HATE this tablet and will use it only for fur.

:bulletpurple:What do you like most about your art?:bulletpurple:
"I've always liked how I pick up things pretty early when it comes to learning new techniques. I don't get a lot of time to practice my poses and stuff, so it comes in handy. I also like that although it takes a while to me to make art, I stay focused when I'm doing it. I literally will sit for 6-8 hours and not move until I finish a picture. Maybe not the best thing when it comes to my health, but it does show my commitment!

:bulletblack:What do you dislike most about your art?:bulletblack:
"I'm a procrastinator, so it could take a while for me to actually get around to something. I really have to be in the mood to draw, or in a really pissy mood, otherwise my art comes out bad. I also really hate how my improvement makes me see my old work. Not only do I begin to hate looking at it, but I have this compulsive need to redo the old stuff, which means I can't really get anything new done. the fact that my art style constantly changes is kind of a downer too. I can never remake something exactly the same."

:bulletpurple:Do you ever give art away?:bulletpurple:
"Yes. I make gifts when the mood strikes. Requests are crazy rare. I might do some art trades and collaborations with selective people if they ask, and of course I do commissions."

:bulletblack:How did you make your fursona?:bulletblack:
"Twiggy is basically me... Once upon a time I took a personality test and my result was that I was a cat. I decided to draw her to mirror myself. Brown fur, (cause y'know, I'm black). Really slender, small assets, and even included the weird spots and stretchmarks, just making them look like spots and stripes. I made her a Chausie cat with the suggestion of my friends who say I'm troublesome and always getting into things. Little accents like the fuzz on her chest and elbows are just for looks. Twiggy's name is literally the first nickname that Von-Skyler gave me, before he started calling me "Twinkie." I think it fits her very well."

:bulletpurple:Can we be friends?:bulletpurple:
"Perhaps with time and unconscious bonding. Please don't ask me to be friends with you, just try to initiate conversation. I like talking to people, although I really do have a hard time speaking first, but if we get along and have some things in common, it's a good chance we'll become friends."

:bulletblack:Sometimes it takes forever to get a response from you. Why?:bulletblack:
"Like I said before, I'm a bit of a procrastinator; so it may take awhile to get to some replies. Forgive me, but I tend to start at the oldest comments and work my way to recent ones. I think I normally stay about a month or two behind my comments, so don't be shocked if my reply shows up then. A majority of the time, picture comments, or questions are handled first though."

:bulletpurple:Do you roleplay?:bulletpurple:
"Yes, but only with certain people. I prefer at least praragraph responses, since that's what I'll be giving if I do decide to roleplay with someone. My roleplays are almost always mature in some way. Due to being busy with other things, my replies are known to be stalled from time to time. As for characters, I can be expected roleplay with any character belonging to me."

:bulletblack:What is Noir-Mobius about?:bulletblack:
"Basically "Noir-Mobius" is my version of a parallel Mobius, in some horror splashed in. This universe has doppelgangers of the official cast all redrawn as supernatural or horrific entities. This concept was began back in 2006 with about 8 of my good friends."

:bulletpurple:What are Vyspirians?:bulletblack:
"Vyspirians are an extension of the Noir-Mobius concept and are the result when a Black Arms death leech chooses a Mobian to feed on and live within, like a bodysnatching parasite. Vyspirians are hosts for the Black Arms alien spawn, which are being unknowingly used to spread the Black Arms conquest by terraforming the planets they inhabit for the "Black Death", or my Noir-Mobian version of Black Doom."

:bulletblack:What do you like to draw most?:bulletblack:
"I'm a big fan of dark and spontaneous things. My gallery is practically full of my Sonic fancharacters, but I got some other stuff in there too."

:bulletpurple:How long have you been drawing?:bulletpurple:
"Since I was about 4. I never really looked into it for a career though. It's just something I do for fun."

:bulletblack:How did you come up with your characters?:bulletblack:
"It's really a combination of things... Friends, colors, ideas... anything at all can spark a character in my head. I make them up in my spare time to get my creativity flowing."

:bulletpurple:How many characters do you have?:bulletpurple:
"With the entire Contagious Corruption cast, I have at least fifty".

:bulletblack:Why won't you make a comic?:bulletblack:
"Honestly, it does seem like fun... but also a lot of work. I know I'm a procrastinator, and if someone did actually like it, I wouldn't want to disappoint them and keep them waiting. Besides, I highly doubt that my characters are interesting enough for something like that".


Personal Accomplishments

:bulletpurple:Earned 50 Watchers:bulletpurple:
:bulletblack:Earned 100 Watchers:bulletblack:
:bulletpurple:Earned 500 Watchers:bulletpurple:
:bulletblack:Earned 1000 Watchers:bulletblack:
:bulletpurple:Earned 1500 Watchers:bulletpurple:
:bulletblack: Earned 2000 Watchers:bulletblack:

:bulletpurple:Earned 2500 Watchers:bulletpurple:

:bulletpurple:Earned 1000 Pageviews:bulletpurple:
:bulletblack:Earned 5000 Pageviews:bulletblack:
:bulletpurple:Earned 10000 Pageviews:bulletpurple:
:bulletblack:Earned 50000 Pageviews:bulletblack:

:bulletpurple:Earned 100000 Pageviews:bulletpurple:

:bulletpurple:Catch 1 Kiriban:bulletpurple:
:bulletblack:Catch 5 Kiribans:bulletblack:
:bulletpurple:Catch 10 Kiribans
:bulletblack:Catch 15 Kiribans:bulletblack:

:bulletpurple:Complete a Character Reference for all Team Severity members.:bulletpurple:
:bulletblack:Complete a Character Reference for all Noir Mobians.:bulletblack:
:bulletpurple:Complete Naruto Cosplays for all Team Severity Members:bulletpurple:
:bulletblack:Complete Pokemorphs for all Team Severity Members:bulletblack:
:bulletpurple:Complete Elemental Affinities for all Team Severity Members:bulletpurple:
:bulletblack:Complete Necro Vyspirian Informational Text:bulletblack:
:bulletpurple:Complete True Vyspirian Informational Text
:bulletblack:Complete Aero Vyspirian Informational Text:bulletblack:


Commissions are CLOSED
Only Breedables and Custom character commission are accepted, but will take longer to complete due to outside factors. All new art will go straight to the waiting list until paid for.

Commissions are done on a queue based system where payment has high priority. Payment is not required for the commission to be started, but those that choose to pay beforehand are serviced faster than those that chose to pay after the commission has been finished or anytime after the initial request. This is also true in the fact that new paid commissions are normally finished before existing unpaid ones. I can be expected to be commissioned for any art style currently in my gallery.

Commission Request

Commission Queue
Only contains paid commissions. These commissions are currently being worked on.

May 19 2014 Glitch-Kitty
[Cell Shade~Full body~ Shashi] $17.00

May 10 2014 xXBurning-PassionXx
[Cell Shade~Full body~ Maria] $10.00

September 07 2014 SummerisleDog
[Default~Custom Drgstallion] $15.00

Commission Waitlist
All here have yet to pay for their commission requests. They have been recorded, and will be worked on after the paid commissions are finished.

Apr 28th 2013 SLYMaster58
[SA Shade~Full Body~Zain] $20.00

June 23 2013 OblivionMoon56
[Soft Shade~Full Body~(Anthro)Lucine] $15.00

Aug 17 2013 Fyrefliy
[Custom~Flat Color~Sonic] $8.00

Jan 21 2014 InvertTails
[Flat Color~Full Body~(Mature)Invert Tails] $15.00

Miscellaneous Art Status
Tracks all other arts owed and due

Feb 2, 2012 mylittlepluto owes Blood-Of-Severity

May 14 2012 KalinaVita owes Blood-Of-Severity
[Soft Shade~Waist Up~(Human) Flarite X Amora]

May 31 2012 mangopocalypse owes Blood-Of-Severity
[Art Trade~(Mature)Amelia X Amelio]

Aug 2 2012 CesarLover owes Blood-Of-Severity
[Commission~Amelia X Amelio]

Sept 2 2012 :Aizuconi: owes Blood-Of-Severity
[Commission~Syndra Chibi]

Sept 16 2012 Meiryam owes Blood-Of-Severity
[Commission~Flairite X Amora]

ShadowsLastBreath owes Blood-Of-Severity

MizterSiah owes owes Blood-Of-Severity
[Commission~Amercetto, Blitzovic, and Silvanip Sprites]

How difficult is it for you to reply to all of your DA messages 

90 deviants said Not at all: I only get a few every now and again
27 deviants said Kind of Hard: I get a pretty decent a amount on a semi-regular basis
11 deviants said Difficult; I get a lot of messages on a regular basis
7 deviants said I don't reply to all of my messages, only those from my friends.
5 deviants said Very Difficult: I get a massive amount of messages on a frequent basis
No deviants said I'm just a lurker, I don't reply to anything.


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Assuming direct control!
Tue Sep 2, 2014, 2:10 AM
feel better love
Tue Aug 26, 2014, 1:10 PM
Where's... da... PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oAO
Tue Aug 19, 2014, 3:10 PM
What a ..... Twist :v
Sat Aug 9, 2014, 3:32 PM
Fuk u, I AM LAVA/HEAT/FLAME resistant
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*Throws Artsy into a volcano and brands name on shout box* UN..ACCEPTABLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!!!!!!!!!
Mon Jul 14, 2014, 1:27 AM
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I don't see ur name on it *writes my name on shout box with Sharpie* I see mine on it thou
Fri Jun 27, 2014, 3:56 PM
This is my shout box. XD
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The-Lighting-Count Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Student General Artist
I hate to see artists die, but the most wonderful thing is they leave behind their memories through art and when you see art, it clearly states that their life is still there within their artwork.

I'm sorry for your loss, and the fact that sometimes its better to never forget them, they may not be alive, but their memory is. 
Blood-Of-Severity Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the kind words. I loved the way Celeste used to make her characters, she liked minimalist styles. I think I'm going to mimic her style for a bit <3
The-Lighting-Count Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Student General Artist
that's the spirit! btw you idea on Black Arms is excellent! and from reading the bios

sounds very impressive!....

despite Shadow the Hedgehog wasn't really that great...
Blood-Of-Severity Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww thank youI Celeste was actually among the main four of my group to help create that aspect of the universe. I honestly didn't like the game much, we I thought that the Black Arms aliens were kinda cool and that they could've been expanded on to make something pretty horrifying XD
(1 Reply)
Kiyoriya Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
"I read your Bulletin Twiggy,I do not know you much, but I am sorry to hear of your best friend passing away"Hugs softly"I hope things get better for you Miss Twiggy"
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