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Amelia Rosabel by Blood-Of-Severity Amelia Rosabel by Blood-Of-Severity
“Do you love me?... Tell me you love me. Say it again! Tell me you'll never leave me... I'll never leave you! I promise I'll be yours forever! Not even death can keep us apart, my dear Sonance. We'll be together FOREVER!” –Amelia Rosabel

General Information:

Full Name: Amelia Rosabel
Also Known As: “Ames,” “A-Baby,” “Shorty,” “Sugabottom,” “Rosebud,” “Ame,” “Amelicious,” “Pinky Butt,” “Amy-Baby,” and "Mistress"
Mental Age: Mid Teens
True Age: 38 Mobian Years
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Single
Mate: N/A
Infected By: Amaru Severeth
Chevalier: N/A
Status: Active
Alignment: Neutral
Morals: Chaotic Good
Threat Level: Mild
Team Formation: Flight
Team: Team Severity, Sector 1
Group Affiliations: Team Severity, Black Arms, Team Thorn, Team Blossom
Date of Birth: September 23rd
Zodiac: Virgo/Libra, by Mobian standards
IQ: 91
Birthplace: Julaya Memorial Hospital; Kingdom of Mercia [Noir Mobius]
Current Residence: Temple of Aztherah [Yellow Desert Zone, Noir-Mobius]
Occupation(s): Caterer
Personal Quote: “I'm not simple minded.... you.... YOU STUPIDHEAD!”
Theme Song: My Sweet Passion Remix


Species: African Pygmy Hedgehog
Subspecies: Necro-Vyspirian Succubus
Blood Type: Type T-1, primary strain of unknown contagion
Nationality: Caucasian/Mobian
Height: 2 ft 11 in
Weight: 51 lbs
Eye Color: Pale yellow sclera, emerald green irises rimmed with a bright yellow, and black serpentine pupils; signatures of infection.
Fur Color: The majority of Amelia’s body is covered with a carnation pink fur; the only exceptions being her torso, upper thigh area, her arms, and the underside base of her tail, which share the pale peach tone of her muzzle and inner ears.
Clothing Style: Amelia wears a black singlet underneath a red and white sleeveless jacket with zigzagged trim. Amelia’s red 2-inch heeled boots match the outfit well, with distinct black markings down the center length. A spiked red headband a black leather choker around her neck completes and accents her outfit.
Jewelry: Two golden hoops in each ear and a silver barbell clitoral piercing that she got after hearing that Amaru got a genital piercing.
Scars/Markings: A puncture wound to the right side of her neck, a small scar running down the center of her chest, and a symbol branded on her right outer thigh displaying her Team Severity membership.

Summarized Bio Thus Far:

To be posted


Attitude: Like her prime counterpart Amelia is regarded by most as an annoyance due to her childish mannerisms and her violent and erratic temper tantrums. Only sociable and friendly around those she trusts and feels comfortable around, Amelia is very hard to engage by unfamiliars and even harder to befriend with her outspoken opinions, “seemingly” high self-esteem, and her stubborn attitude. Easily provoked to shifts in mood, Amelia has trouble controlling her emotions, which often gets her into far more trouble than she expects. She goes out of her way get respect; which is truly what she desires… second to having Sonance as her boyfriend again.
Favorite Foods: Cake, soft serve ice cream, and strawberries.
Religion: Wavering Atheist
Likes: Shopping, attention, karaoke, getting her way, receiving compliments, proving herself to others, plush dolls, falling in love, and cuddling.
Dislikes: Most women, being insulted, being underestimated, reverse psychology, incubi, unfavorable opinions, being ignored, Bizzeh’s cooking, and being landed on
Fears: Autophobia- “Fear of loneliness,” Automatonophobia- “Fear of robots" and unintentionally harming her love interests


Father: Lance Amadeus
Mother: Amethyst Amadeus-Rosabel
Uncle(s): N/A
Aunts(s): Marisol Rosabel
Brother(s): N/A
Sister(s): Lavender Brooks
Cousin(s): Robert O’Hedge (Noir Rob O’Hedge), John Hedgechidna (Noir Jon), [Name unknown]
Son(s): Swift Rosabel and Melchior Severeth
Daughter(s): Lorelei Severeth
Nephew(s): Azell Joestar
Nieces(s): Azalea Joestar
Grandchild(ren): N/A


-Mephistopheles: Despite all he put her through, Amelia learned to confront some of her fears and stand up for herself after the torture she endured by his hand. His rape and the resulting miscarriage is also the cause of her "Succulust."
-Julie-Sue (Noir Julie-Su): After Amelia sought her out, Julie-Sue trained the pink hedgehog in very mild combat training so that she may better herself for Sonance's attention
-Rousetta the Bat (Noir Rouge): Meeting during semi simultaneous breakups with Knochen and Sonance Amelia and Rousetta became fast friends. Rousetta, being older and more experienced in relationships taught Amelia the ways to seduction, which she used to reel in Sonance again. She was also a source of comfort after Sonance's roboticization
-Amaru Severeth: After kidnapping her and bringing her to Dysaresta, Amaru expected her to pick up and rule over the planet like Amira had before her. However, when he realized she was weak and knew nothing about the species he'd turned her into, he monitored and taught her about her parasite and how to work with it.

Noticeable Partners:

-Amaru Severeth: The speed orient of Team Severity, Sector One
-Lavender Brooks: The power orient of Team Rosabel, codenamed "Orchid."
-Chrysante Noxus: The speed orient of Team Rosabel, codenamed "Violet."
-Crème the Rabbit: The flight orient of the disbanded Team Thorn
-Project B.I.G: The power orient of the disbanded Team Thorn


-Amaru Severeth: The best of friends and once paramour lovers. Their friendship grew from a very rocky start with his protective and almost fatherly disposition towards her, due to him seeing her as the reincarnation of Amira Sa'Vyier. She is much like a kid sister, or even a daughter to Amaru.
-Sparxter Fox: Once pretty decent friends, these two formed a rather strong bond after a day at the beach; and after a crazy idea from the blue and yellow fox, she became his sadomasochistic Mistress and he, her pet doggy.
-Jiaat Trent: Meeting when the dragon abducted her as a meal, how these two bonded is a mystery. They are very close now and flirt playfully quite often, although it is obvious that there is no real love interest there... at least on Amelia's end.
-Rousetta the Bat: Despite Rousetta having set Amelia up into meeting Amaru and the fact that Amelia and Rousetta brokeup on a sour note, the two girls are still best friends. They often bond well when they are allowed contact with each other and they are known to act like sisters.
-Crème the Rabbit: Before Creme's death, these two were quite the pair. they loved each other, stood up or one another, and cooked together as the best of friends. Amelia has no idea that Creme was revived, so it is unknown if they still feel the same way.


-Mephistopheles: Mephistopheles goes out of his way to pull Amelia deeper into her psychosis. He sees her as the perfect pawn to lure others into negativity, from which he feeds. When he's near, he often manipulates her into serving him and doing his bidding.
-Xavier Dares: Xavier Dares is Amaru's great great grandfather and is the reason for Team Severity's emergence. His greedy nature thrust Dysaresta into scarcity and death, which angered a handful of people who moved on to create the resistance, with which Amelia is a part of.
-Metalloid Sonik 3.0: The roboticized remains of Sonance the Hedgehog, or "Sonik the Were" as he was often called. Amelia is frightened to death of this robotic sentient and freezes up whenever she comes in contact with it. It is unknown whether it's the robot part of him that scares her, or if it's the fact that this monstrosity was once what she perceives as her soulmate.

Parallel Forms:

-Amelio Rosabel: Amelia's genderbent counterpart
-Amy Rose: Amelia's prime counterpart
-†Amira Sa’Vyier: Assumed ancestor, whom Amaru believes Amelia reincarnated from.

Potential Romantic Interests:

-†Sonance the Hedgehog: Amelia is obsessed with everything related to him, going as far as to stalk and try to manipulate him into being with her. So enthralled with his being, she ignored the arrogant, cocky, and downright rude aspects of his personality and changed her age with the magical Ring of Acorns for his attention. Her entire "Love Addiction" disorder is because of him.
-Amaru Severeth: Amelia is bonded to Amaru after he infected her, which is known to foster romantic interest; however Amelia found herself enamored with Amaru due to his protective nature over her. Sonance protected her the exact same way several times before his death
-Rousetta the Bat (Noir Rouge): Amelia found herself enamored with Rousetta for her assessment that the world owes her something, which is very similar to Sonance's overall way of thinking. Amelia fell for her in the moments of desperation and weakness after both her and Sonance's first breakup and after his death.

Overall Stats:

Agility: 4/10
Speed: 3/10
Physical Strength: 4/10
Physical Defense: 3/10
Energy Projection: 2/10
Offensive Ability: 0/10
Defensive Ability: 0/10
Restorative Healing Ability: 5/10
Evasiveness: 6/10
Endurance: 10/10
Weapons Skill: 1/10
Intelligence: 4/10
Stamina: 9/10
Overall Battle Skill: 6/10
Overall Fighter’s Rank: C rank

Physical Strengths:

-As a host of the Black Arms parasite, Amelia prefers warm areas, as they are beneficial to the annelid in her body. Warm areas seem to provide an energetic boost for her bodily functions, and she tends to recover from harm 5% quicker than she would normally.
-Due to the annelid's preference for broken down compounds, Amelia also prefers certain foods. Partially rotten or decomposing foods when eaten allow the parasite within her to feed more easily and excrete more of the substance that acts as her blood. After eating decomposed material, she may utilize this black material as a biological toxin without suffering from the backlash of losing too much.
-Amelia's vision has deteriorated, as most infected Mobians experience with time. To make up for this loss the annelid affecting her brain stimulates the other two of her primary senses, making her hearing and sense of smell quite strong in comparison.
-Amelia's regenerative properties are increased with the presence of Mephistopheles, due to her body literally being linked to his with the implantation of his aura in her chest. She is also empowered like most succubi are... from sex.

Mental Strengths:

-Amelia is a very brave girl after most of the things that she has been exposed to during her lifetime. There are few things that can make Amelia turn tail and run in a battle.


-The parasitic influence in her brain creates a top-notch bodily defense, nullifying any disease or sickness she may contract.

Physical Weaknesses:

-The parasite in her body weakens immensely in climate conditions of lower that 30 degrees. As a result, the parasite restricts it's blood flow and shuts Amelia's body down to conserve energy. This effectively invokes a hibernative state in Amelia, who will not awaken until temperatures rise enough to jumpstart her body.
-Increased loss of bodily fluids rids the parasite in her body of a stable environment in which to survive and restricts the production of the fluid that Amelia's body survives on. If Amelia doesn't eat enough to coax the annelid into secreting more fluid, the parasite will die and Amelia will perish with it.
-Amelia suffers from the same oddity as Mephistopheles, where very holy artifacts and holy water will drain her abilities and tire her out.
-Amelia is not a strong girl and neither is she extraordinarily fast on her feet, making her an easy opponent in regards to hand-to- hand combat. The scythe she names "Viper," her Necro-Vyspirian infection, and her overprotective teammates are the only real reasons anyone should fear her.

Mental Weaknesses:

-Amelia falls in love with the utmost ease. A simple imitation of Sonance is liable to garter her attention and can be used to possibly lure her into danger. The same is true for plush dolls or other items that remind her of her blue hero.
-Years of emotional rejection had damaged Amelia's self esteem severely, although many are fooled by her "veneer of confidence." Because of this, Amelia is known to get discouraged easily when is rejected in love, or emotionally hurt in a major way. If she isn't cheered up, she can and will fall into a horrid depression and get physically sick from her extended self-loathing.
-Like the pseudo succubus she is, Amelia is very possessive and jealous over her love interests and tends to be spiteful to any woman coming to close. This obsession and jealousy hinders most chances Amelia has at getting female friends and heightens the chance that she will be avoided altogether, discouraging potential allies.
-Amelia is very susceptible to the commands of an incubus. Due to this, she gets very nervous around them when they are encountered... especially Mephistopheles.
-Amelia's adverse reaction to the Ring of Acorn's power maintains childish behavioral tendencies despite her age. She is very scatterbrained, easy distracted, and very much a suitable victim for luring and capture.


Necro-Vyspirian Toxicity: Refers to the potent blood secreted by the some types of the Necro-Vyspirian breed, those they infect with the virus, or give birth to; to a lesser degree depending on the spread of the trait. The black substance is capable of rearranging organic DNA to an extent, sometimes to the point of death if the subject’s immune system cannot cannot accommodate the changes caused by the parasite. The symptoms in males differ from those in females, although both are trademarked with reddening of the injection site, fatigue, swelling, and intense pain in its first stages. Amelia has already performed the christening of a chevalier, therefore the blood if injected into a non-Vyspirian will always destroy the body; male or female.
Flight: The capability sustaining flight via the two bony wings extending from her shoulder blades. Amelia lost the smaller secondary wings that once branched from the center of her back during her first encounter with Mephistopheles, where they retreated into her body. She used those primarily for landings and now has a lot of trouble doing so, often tripping over herself in a clumsy stupor. Despite this flaw, she is quicker and more versatile in the air with her light weight and her large wings.
Mother Knows Best: Being a mother for 20 years of her life, Amelia has grown quite used to the lies, half-truths, and suspicious behavior of her children. Due to this and her maternal instincts, she can sense when things aren’t quite right almost like a sixth sense, although sometimes it's a tad too late.

Basic Skills:

Thunder Shoot: Amelia arranges her partners in a three-man tower and launches them into enemies. the forceful collision paralyses the enemy for a time.
Storming Heart: Small, pink heart shaped rays are summoned and cast from Amelia’s body to be instantaneously sent to her opponent to attack. This attack is mostly used as a diversion or irritant and is incredibly effective for escaping danger, but may only be used when Amelia is in possession of at least 20 power rings.
Homing Attack: The ability to home directly into a nearby enemy with a target-seeking quick-paced spin attack. This attack may also be used chain enemies together, or to reach other areas.

Weapon Skills:

“Scythe Swirler”: Amelia has in her possession a very large scythe that she calls "Viper." With Viper in hands and out in front of her, Amelia swings her scythe around herself in a circle, hacking down any and all obstacles in her way and disallowing enemies to get close without taking damage. This attack can also be performed in midair and while moving. Amelia will tire out after 5 minutes of this attack, and will walk and fly erratically from the minute long dizzy spell. She will be unable to launch any attacks during this dizziness.


“Succulust”: A partial corruption of Amelia brought about when Mephistopheles is near. As she is tethered to his being, his presence overloads her body and she assumes some aspects of his appearance. She grows small horns on her forehead, crystallized slightly, and takes on the role of her deceased daughter.
"Black Amelia": A state of being when Amelia allows her parasite to reveal itself. Her jaw unhinges completely, and the worm comes through her gaping mouth to fire off homing spores that immobilize and weaken the target. In this state, Amelia's eyes go blank and she falls limp, bestowing control of her body to the parasite until the parasite retreats back inside of her.


~Due to a physical deformation spawning from the Vyspirian infection and the Mephistopheles' energy abnormally interacting, Amelia has the biggest wings of all female members of Team Severity.
~Amelia cannot sleep without something to cuddle, preferably her Amaru plush doll, which replaced a Rousetta plush doll which replaced a Sonance plush doll. If you couldn't tell from this extensive collection, she makes a doll for every lover she’s ever had, due to becoming far too attached to them.
~Amelia has had one female lover and never plans on it again. Rousetta, her best friend persuaded Amelia into it after she and Knochen broke up. This taught Amelia the definition of a "Rebound" relationship.
~Amelia's jacket is based from Amaru's cloak, only shorter to fit her smaller frame.
~Amelia's voice has not changed much from the 12 year old voice her "prime" has. Aside from a loss of shrillness, her voice has a slightly matured flare to it. Think Haruko, from FLCL.
~Amelia has always wanted to officially give her deceased daughter a name, but because the thought of Mephistopheles makes her cry, she can never get through it.
~Swift is the only child Amelia had via intentional sexual reproduction. Project M.A.L.I.C.E, and Project F.A.T.A.L both a result of in-vitro fertilization and were developed outside of her body with Amaru's DNA; which she offered to ensure heirs to his throne. Amelia does not truly consider the twins her children though, and despite her motherly tendencies, she sees them as teammates, and sometimes siblings.
~Amelia’s murder took place 16 years ago, the anniversary of her death is August 23rd. Ominously, this is exactly one month before her birth date.
~Amelia has been known to fall in love quite easily with people who are obviously bad for her; this subconscious desire is due to her losing the cocky, showboating, all around bastard of a blue werebeast that she once loved so long ago.
~Amelia has a horrid singing voice.
~Amelia's character theme is "Love Addiction"
~Amelia's appearance theme is "Red Thorns"
~If Mephistopheles ever ceases to exist, Amelia will die.
~Amelia is an adult in every aspect excluding her mentality, which is that of a slightly matured 15 year old. She will never admit her immaturity and calling her immature will probably get you hurt.
~Amelia took a "What Animal Are You?" personality test.... Her result was a Chihuahua.


:heart:Please offer a critique on Amelia if you can, I'd love to hear your thoughts on her. :heart:
Keep in mind though, she is supposed to be a Noir parallel to Sega's Amy Rose, so similarities are completely intentional, loves:

:bulletpink: Amelia Rosabel © *Blood-Of-Severity although not to be confused with Amy Rose, who belongs to Sega
:bulletblack: Noir-Mobian Concept © *Blood-Of-Severity
:bulletblack: Art © *Blood-Of-Severity

Therefore only I may use/post/edit this reference.
Add a Comment:
Ahh yes, your famous Noir-Mobian paralleled to Amy Rose, Amelia Rosabel. While I’ve seen that many have told you that she looks too much like an Amy rip-off when you’ve clearly stated she’s supposed to be an evil parallel to her, she’s just a neat and creative counterpart to that bubbly pink hedgehog you’ve come up with.

Once again you’ve nailed the genuine Sonic Channel mock-up style so perfectly with the correct soft and cel shading mix, just like how the original coloring style is.

I know you’ve been used to drawing heads larger than normal size for Sonic –related characters, but right here, Amelia’s head looks like a pretty reasonable size on her shoulders.

Her attire is another thing to gander at too. You definitely did some justice in keeping with the same shade of red Amy’s dress has on Amelia’s jacket while adding a bit of a dark flare and twist to it with the black singlet underneath and the zig-zag trim around the bottom. I like the dark reflection of the original Amy’s headband with a jagged headband on her head. The boots are a really cute addition too, with the black arrow designs going down the front of her boots in parallel to Amy’s single white stripes on her Go-go boots.

Generally a ton of people don’t like the thought or idea of genital piercings because they find it gruesome and unnecessary, but I think it’s a unique touch to a fan character, or any character really. Concealed piercings and genital piercing aren’t exactly the “normal” places for piercings and it makes it more unique, no matter how weird or repulsive people think it is. XD

I seriously cannot see any flaws here in the art or the biography and I really like both to be honest. Amelia is a really cute character and I enjoy reading about her as well as her design~
What do you think?
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Wonderful, wonderful job! :clap:
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I'll think about it, but since she's an anti-version of Amy Rose, I'd rather not change her footwear. I'd like them to still share a resemblance.
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I don't visit the forms often enough to have seen, but primarily, I don't make artwork for free unless it's something I'm personally invested in. Eventually there will come a time where Amelia is drawn without her footwear simply because she isn't always wearing them. I almost always require monetary compensation for art that is requested of me, seeing as it takes a lot of time and effort to produce.
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Ah wonderful, simply wonderful! Your style is awesome, also the writing I read all of it and you put a lot of effort into making the writing and character simply wonderful. I don't think you take requests but if you could could you draw Black Amelia I wanna see what she would look like. You don't have to it's just a request..Trophy  

Blood-Of-Severity Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I plan on drawing her out soon, I just have commissions and schoolwork getting in the way.

Thank you so much for letting me know how much you like her though <3
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Oh I love her! :meow: She's so awesome. You really do put your dedication to your characters.


I have a question though, can I use a similar format to the way you put the Bio? ( I'll give credit of course. ;w; )

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Is she like the demon version of Amy Rose?
Blood-Of-Severity Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yep, for the most part. I'm gonna make "monster" versions of all of the characters. I made a Knuckles troll too.
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Ok then.
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I personally think this a major improvement over the older work you had of this character(By older I'm referring to the old style you where using while still active on MySpace, you know? Humanoid body with the thunder thighs?.). While I can't say I hate your older style(Hell, I still think it's pretty good.) This style is defiantly more appropriate for this character and all your sonic characters for that matter. Keep up the amazing work.
Blood-Of-Severity Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why thank you babe, practice makes perfect!

She still got dem baby making hips though... Swift's dad made it happen XD
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Lets... Lets not discuss how she got them please? Thank you.X3
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Mmhm... I should get all detailed XD
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Woman... Do I need to stitch your lips together again? Cause I swear if that's what it takes I will do it.>.>
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Why is Lavender crossed out!? D:
Blood-Of-Severity Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She was adopted at 8 years old, so in the eyes of the government, they aren't sisters anymore.
TheKavinsky Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013
As she gets older her smile slowly disappears.

Hey, just like in real life!
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I like this character! I'm wondering does Drago really love her and is he as bad as her other love interest? If so why did he marry? And I can't keep up with much so I'm wondering if they have any kids? Sorry I'm just nosy today! :D
Blood-Of-Severity Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love nosy deviants, the questions are just beautiful <3

Drago does honestly love Amelia, despite that fact that he's a self centered egomaniac. He is probably the worst of her three love interests in personality, and ye, they have one son together. <3
FemFantasy Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
When you mean son you mean "Biologically" or like a fertilization progect like F.A.T.A.L. and M.A.L.I.C.E.? Also who is both Amelia and Drago's son? There has been waaayyyto much stress for today to properly think straight... :( Oh! And does she fully get over Sonance? I'm trying to catch up to the stories but I have the attention spam of dried toast T_T
Blood-Of-Severity Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fatal and Malice were the only two made via in-vitro. Dante (Amelia+Drago) and Swift (Amelia+Sonance) were birthed via sexual reproduction.

Amelia has yet to get over Sonance.

No worries. You're interest makes me feel special XD
FemFantasy Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Julian is one of her Ex-Lover but who is he? Or is that some one else???
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