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March 17, 2013
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General Information:

Full Name: Avarice Verde
Also Known As: “The Sunflower,” “Speedster,” and “Avvie”
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Single
Mate: N/A
Status: Active
Alignment: Hero
Morals: Lawful Good
Team Formation: Speed
Team: Team Severity, Sector Five
Group Affiliations: Team Severity and Black Arms
Date of Birth: 
October 16th, by Mobian standards
Zodiac: Libra, by Mobian standards
IQ: 101
Birthplace: Azure Lake Zone
Current Residence: Green Forest
Occupation(s): N/A
Personal Quote: “Just run with it!”
Theme Song: Avril Lavigne: Runaway


Species: Necro-Vyspirian Frill-Necked Lizard
Blood Type: T-1, Severely malicious contagion
Nationality: Mobian
Height: ft 5 in 
Weight: 62 lbs 
Bodily Build:  Slender; flat chested, small hips
Eye Color: Pale yellow sclera, medium blue irises with black serpentine pupils.
Scale Color: Avarice’s firmest scales are light green and covers her face, frills, and trails from her back to her tail, also encompassing her arms and outer upper thighs. A more pastel, more yellowish green covers her muzzle and her underbelly, tinting the majority of her legs, and the underside of her tail. The underside of her large frills are a darker green, almost teal-- similar to her eyelids. and finally Avarice has several cerulean warts on her body. One on her forehead, three over each of her eyes, eight circling the outside of her frills, and four on the tip of her long tail.
Clothing Style: Avarice dresses athletically with clothes that conceal her body but will not overheat her. She dons a sleeveless white tank top with a pair of black track shorts with a red vertical stripe on each leg. She also wears a wristband on her left wrist and a cloth choker around her neck, complete with a small gold tag. Avarice does not wear shoes.
Jewelry: Avarice wears a gold tag on her cloth necklace, a consolation prize given to her after to her accident.
Scars/Markings: Avarice has a rather large set of unsightly teethmarks on her right calf, that seems to be spreading along her leg. She also has a symbol branded between her shoulderblades displaying her Team Severity membership. 

Summarized Bio Thus Far:

(To be posted)


Attitude: Eager and optimistic, Avarice is a cheery soul with a very positive aura. In the midst of other people it would seem as though Avarice's enthusiasm and hope never dissipates, as she is either encouraging others to shoot for their dreams or comforting people who aren't beaming with joy at every waking moment. As genuine as her goodwill is, Avarice can be seen as a bit of an annoyance due to her tendency to overassist her companions-- though in reality she is merely trying to overcompensate for her own despairs. She takes great care to hide her negative emotions from the public eye, as she has always believed that to think negative thoughts is to bring more negativity in her life... something she doesn't need anymore of.
Favorite Foods: Fruit smootihies, Trail mix, and Beef Jerky
Religion: Christian 
Likes: Shooting stars, rainbows, cloud watching, making others happy, parkour, adventuring, unrestricted mobility, being called attractive, having a training partner, and warm baths
Dislikes: Boredom, rainy days, the writhing movement in her leg, being excluded, her warts, shedding her scales, overheating, spiders, poison ivy, and being touched by unfamiliar people.
Fears: Avarice's biggest fear is that her leg will never heal and that it will get much worse. Her lesser fears include the worsening of her already sensitive allergic reactions.

Blood Relatives:

Father: Vash "Lightning" Palmer
Mother: Azura Verde
Uncle(s): N/A
Aunts(s): N/A
Nieces(s): N/A
Grandchild(ren): N/A


+Raizo SilvanusAvarice and Raizo get along well as friends, and sometimes as rivals due to their opposing personalities. She detests his perversion with a passion, but thinks he's a wonderful man in every other way possible, so much so that she's developed quite the crush on him.
+Sakura Sage: 
Avarice enjoys Sakura's company and considers her to be one of the smartest people she's ever met. She takes it upon herself to help keep Sakura's self-esteem high by any means necessary. They have quite a bit in common
+Lavender Brooks:  Avarice found a kindred spirit in Ms.Lavender from the first day she met her. They both enjoy brightening the days of others and are almost magnetic when it comes to the strength of their friendship. 
+Mace Vermillion: Avarice loves accompanying the blond-haired bat on all of his mischievous misadventures. They are quite close and go find trouble to get into for fun. It would seem that Avarice is oblivious to Mace's romantic feelings for her however.
-Xavier Dares: Xavier Dares is the Dysarestian dictator and is the reason for Team Severity's emergence. His greedy nature forced Dysaresta into scarcity and decay, which angered a handful of people who moved on to create the resistance, which Avarice is a part of.

Noticeable Partners:

+Sabre Mephisto: 
The flight orient of Team Severity, Sector Five
+Nexus Shenlong: The power orient of Team Severity, Sector Seven

Parallel Forms:

No parallel forms have been discovered for Avarice

Overall Stats: 

Speed: 6/10
Strength: 3/10
Defense: 3/10
Energy Projection: 0/10
Evasiveness: 6/10
Stamina: 8/10
Threat Level: Minor
Overall Fighter’s Rank: D rank


+Due to the annelid's preference for broken down compounds, Avarice is capable of eating partially rotten or decomposing foods. Decomposing organic material allow the parasite within her to feed more easily and excrete more of it's spores into her blood, which gives her an energy boost, and allows her to temporarily use her blood as a biological toxin without worrying about the backlash from losing too much blood.
+Avarice is an incredible high jumper, very flexible, and is incredibly quick on her feet, despite the crippling injury to her leg.
=As a host of the Black Arms parasite, Avarice prefers warm areas, as they are beneficial to the annelid in her body. Warm areas seem to provide an energetic boost for her bodily functions, and she tends to recover from harm quicker than she would normally in them. However if she becomes too warm for too long such as temperatures over 100 degrees, she can overheat and pass out from heat exhaustion.
-Avarice is quite frail. Any strong force put on her can damage her severely or in heavier doses--render her unconsciousness.
-The extensive damage to Avarice's right leg hinders her ability to sprint for long periods of time or land hard on right foot, which means her high jumping capabilities are hindered unless she can soften her landing.

-The parasitic influence in her brain negatively influences her body, increasing her susceptibility to common sicknesses and allergic reactions that is lessened only when her infection flares up.
-The parasite in her body weakens immensely in climate conditions of lower than 30 degrees. As a result, the parasite restricts it's blood flow and shuts Avarice's body down to conserve energy. This effectively invokes a hibernative state in Avarice, who will not awaken until temperatures rise enough to jumpstart her body.
-Increased loss of bodily fluids rids the parasite in her body of a stable environment and restricts the production of the spores that help keep Avarice's body animated. If Avarice doesn't eat enough to nourish her parasite, the parasite will die and Avarice will perish with it.
-Avarice is violently allergic to poison ivy and exposure will cause an immense and painful reaction that disables her movement. 

Abilities/Basic Skills:

Necro-Vyspirian Toxicity: Transmitted to Avarice by Carnage, this parasite's blood is capable of rearranging organic DNA and causing long term mutations within an organic body, sometimes to the point of death if the subject’s immune system cannot cannot accommodate the changes caused by the parasite. The symptoms are trademarked with reddening of the injection site, fatigue, swelling, and intense pain in its first stages. Avarice has not yet infected anyone with it seeing as she only experiences a minuscule loss of bodily fluids. However, her blood contains a massive and particularly virulent type of transmission spores when she is infectious, so it is likely that she may transmit the parasitic presence.
Enhanced Speed: Avarice has always been able to sprint quickly due to track-and-field training with her father. Her full running speed was once 85 MPH, but after Carnage attacked her, she is only able to run at approximate 50 MPH and only for a short time.
Homing Attack: The ability to home directly into a nearby enemy with a target-seeking quick-paced spin attack. This attack may also be used chain enemies together, or to reach other areas. 
Grinding: The ability to balancing on a rail-like objects to gain speed and momentum.

Rocket Accel: The ability to launch herself forward at an otherwise unreachable speed with a forceful push from her teammates

Weapon Skills:

Avarice has no weapons and so has no weapon skills


"Black Avarice": A state of being when Avarice allows her parasite to reveal itself. Her jaw unhinges completely, and the worm comes through her gaping mouth to fire off homing spores that immobilize and weaken the target. In this state, Avarice becomes generally unresponsive, bestowing control of her body to the parasite until the parasite retreats back inside of her.


~Avarice is actually a hybrid born from the union of a toad, her mother, and her father a frill-neck lizard. She inherited the warts, the jumping prowess, her general color scheme, and the her sensitive skin from her mother.
~Avarice was named by her mother, who ironically grew to despise her after the young frillneck grew to be more attractive than the toad. She was raised primarily by her father
~Avarice has a subtle limp when she walks that gets worse when her parasite becomes active. If you look closely, you can see how the tendrils are spreading beneath  her skin. She claims it gets very itchy when it gets hot.
~Avarice has secretly never forgiven Carnage for his attack on her, and blames him for ruining her life and crushing her dreams of winning a gold medal in the Gold Coast Olympic Games, like her father had.
~Avarice has always felt unwomanly because she lacks breasts and is very slender. In middle school, she stuffed her shirt with toilet tissue to see what it would be like, and was promptly found out. 
~Within Team Severity, Avarice is a temporarily retired member due to the extensive damage to her leg, but she fills a similar role to Lorelei, boosting morale and giving encouragement to other members
~Within Sector Five, Avarice is also temporarily retired until she can better perform missions, although she used to act as the scout for the sector and perform quick recon when necessary.
~Avarice's character theme is "Not Easy Being Green," which can be seen in her mostly green palette and the wildly traumatic back story, which she just accepts.
~Raizo was the one who gave Avarice the dog tag that she wears on her choker. This kind act from him spurred her romantic interest in him.
~Avarice's frills are often laying down, but are known to flare up when she is surprised, frightened, or angry.
~Avarice took a "What Animal Are You?" personality test.... Her result was a Dolphin.

:bulletgreen: Avarice Verde the Frillneck © *Blood-Of-Severity 
Bullet; Black Noir-Mobian Concept © *Blood-Of-Severity
Bullet; Black Art © *Blood-Of-Severity
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mangopocalypse Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
hnnng, Bulba smells improvement! * v *
you've really captured her sunny personality in the image, probably because the lighting seems a little yellow? that might just be my eyes, but i still like how it looks <3 u v u
also it's nice to finally see this girl's bio, though it sucks to hear the lil cutie's not got it easy o n o
Sheshin Apr 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oh, very nice details and the coloring is beautiful sis~!
That is one nasty looking scar on her leg…who bit her?
ThunderMikos Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very descriptive and i like the fact that she is a frilled neck lizard. havent seen many lizard sonic characters.

i kinda would like to see another pic but maybe with the frill open?
Blood-Of-Severity Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It'll happen eventually, but Avarice is normally pretty calm, so I wanted her reference to show her frills at their neutral position. I haven't drawn her as much as I used to.
LancerWolf13 Apr 6, 2014  Student General Artist
How do you shade like you do, woman!?Imma jelleh. <3
Blood-Of-Severity Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just practice...
LancerWolf13 Apr 6, 2014  Student General Artist
But that takes efforrrt. XD

Practice practice makes perfect.
Blood-Of-Severity Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eh.... no effort = no progress.
LancerWolf13 Apr 7, 2014  Student General Artist
No progress = no nada.
Marxpup Apr 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
In name of god, please tell me she just had an accident on her leg .w.;
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