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November 23, 2012
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General Information:

Full Name: Dezra Garnett
Also Known As: “Baby D” “Dezzie,” “Chubbs", and "Juicy"
Age: 23 Mobian Years
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Dating
Mate: Shanx Cruxian

Status: Active
Alignment: Neutral
Morals: Chaotic Neutral
Team Formation: Power
Team: Team Severity, Sector 7
Group Affiliations: Team Severity, Black Arms
Date of Birth: December 19th
Zodiac: Sagittarius, by Mobian standards
IQ: 114
Birthplace: Spring Yard Zone
Current Residence: Westopolis 
Occupation(s): None
Personal Quote: “It's mine now...”
Theme Song: To be assigned


Species: Tasmanian Devil
Blood Type: Type T-4, secondary strain of unknown contagion
Nationality: Mobian
Height: ft 7 in 
Weight: 108 lbs 
Bodily Build: Somewhat chubby, medium bust
Eye Color: Pale yellow sclera, bright pink irises rimmed with a bright yellow, and black serpentine pupils; signatures of infection.
Fur Color: The majority of Dezra’s body is black; her muzzle, eyespots, inner ears, and torso being a medium brown. 
Clothing Style: Dezra dresses in an urban style, mostly men's clothing that was handed down to her by older siblings. She wears blue jeans, a ragged denim jacket, an old white shirt, and red and white sneakers.
Jewelry: Dezra has a fondness for red jewels. She wears two studded ruby earrings in each ear and wears a gold ring on her right index ringer with another ruby jewel embedded in it.
Scars/Markings: Dezra has a symbol branded on the small of her back displaying her Team Severity membership. She has two ears piercings in each of her ears.

Summarized Bio Thus Far:

Dezra was born as the last child and first daughter in the slums of the Silver Castle Zone's Spring Yard district. Growing up with four older brothers she was brought up to be strong and tough, while still being spoiled beyond belief by her parents, her father mostly. She was lavished with jewelry, most of which stolen for her by her father. He stole most things, simply to make ends meet in their poor household, but Tank loved his daughter and would make sure she never wanted for anything. At the age of 16 Dezra's father was killed and Dezra began to break away from her family, using what she learned from her father to survive on the mean streets of Spring Yard. She was able to take up residence in a shelter, and it was here that she took up stealing. So used to getting everything she wanted, she stole food, clothes, and especially jewelry. Eventually Dezra moved on to bigger treasures and the neighborhood jewelry store became her favorite spot. She was arrested not too long after for petty theft, and wound up in a juvenile detention center with a sickly sugarglider, whom she mostly ignored. A short time later, the jaundiced stranger and lunged at her; his face met her fist with a loud crack, and the weak druggie collapsed to the floor in a dirty heap. 
Soon after, Dezra found herself disoriented, her knuckles swelling and turning black as pain seared her hand, before she knew it, she too laid unconscious on the floor. 

She woke a few days later, but with a soreness ravaging her body. Her vision blurred, but she was still able to notice a small scrap of paper near where she lay reading. "I'm sorry." She knew who had to have left it, but the sugarglider was nowhere in sight, leaving her alone in the cell until yet another stranger appeared to her. The skunk was pleasant, and offered to help free Dezra if she'd assist her with another manner. Dezra agreed, and Sakura escorted her to the Glyphic Canyon. It was upon arrival that Dezra had begun to feel the effects of her infection, and Sakura took it upon herself to explain everything about what would eventually happen to her. She was introduced to Team Severity, realizing that Sabre--the sugarglider from before was already here. She took her anger out on him, and ordered to be taken back to the Spring Yard Zone. With the members of Team Severity unable to change her mind, Raizo and his "handsome" friend Mace were assigned to take her back home the next morning. In the short time watching the them, Dezra found herself infatuated with Mace and thoroughly enjoyed the time she got to spend with him and Raizo returning to the Spring Yard Zone. After the initial confrontation with her brothers and taking note how protective the duo was over her, Dezra decided that she'd become a part of Team Severity so long as she got to visit home every some often and stay with Mace.


Attitude: Dezra is a strong, temperamental, and relatively independent woman who enjoys getting her own way. However, she is not the pampered type and does not mind getting down and dirty to earn anything she sets her sights on. Tenacious and a bit greedy, Dezra is often skulking around for the finer things, which she will often steal or use her brute force to obtain. She seem to take pride in the fear she instills in people, and is even known using it to her advantage, such as for bullying people out of their belongings, or forcing someone to spend time with her. Although her exterior opposes it, Dezra is a sucker for romance and tries to maintain an air of femininity whenever possible.
Favorite Foods: Potato chips, Soda, and Pizza
Religion: Christian 
Likes: Jewelry, rap music, getting her way, being called pretty, the color red, walks through the city, treating herself, dancing contests
Dislikes: Fat jokes, being "one of the guys," clothes shopping, diets, "corner-store" inflation, being indoors for long periods of time 
Fears: Dezra's biggest fear is to never have any true friends. A lesser fear of hers is that trans fats will eventually be banned everywhere.

Blood Relatives:

Father: Tank Bridges 
Mother: Brandy Garnett 
Uncle(s): N/A
Aunts(s): N/A
De'Vel Garnett, Diallo Garnett, Shade Garnett, and Paine Garnett 
Nieces(s): Ebony Garnett
Grandchild(ren): N/A


+Sakura Sage: Mainly taking advantage of the skunk's pungent odor to get what she wants, Dezra rather enjoys the company of Sakura. Dezra isn't certain why herself, but something about her shy, fragile nature makes Dezra want to defend her from harm. She is one of few the members of Team Severity to maintain a positive relationship with Sakura's alter ego.
+Raizo SilvanusRaizo finds Dezra as his main source of entertainment, despite her bossy and ruthless tendencies, since she's been know to turn Mace into a sniveling girl when she's around him. It's usually up to Raizo to stop Mace and Dezra's disagreements. 
-Xavier Dares
: Xavier Dares is the Dysarestian dictator and is the reason for Team Severity's emergence. His greedy nature forced Dysaresta into scarcity and decay, which angered a handful of people who moved on to create the resistance, which Dezra is a part of.
-Sevira Lockheart: Dezra harbors a fierce rivalry with Sevira when it comes to Shanx. Because the porn star works with him as both a business partner and a sexual interest, Dezra is threatened by Sevira's presence and fears that he may replace her with a more experienced, more beautiful partner. 

Noticeable Partners:

aizo SilvanusThe speed orient of Team Severity, Sector Seven 
+Mace Vermillion: The flight orient of Team Severity, Sector Seven 

Parallel Forms:

No parallel forms have been discovered for Dezra

Overall Stats: 

Speed: 2/10
Strength: 8/10
Defense: 6/10
Energy Projection: 0/10
Evasiveness: 3/10
Stamina: 8/10
Threat Level: Moderate
Overall Fighter’s Rank: C rank


+As a host of the Black Arms parasite, Dezra prefers warm areas, as they are beneficial to the annelid in her body. Warm areas seem to provide an energetic boost for her bodily functions, and she tends to recover from harm quicker than she would normally in them. 
+Due to the annelid's preference for broken down compounds, Dezra is capable of eating partially rotten or decomposing foods. Decomposing organic material allow the parasite within her to feed more easily and excrete more of it's spores into her blood, which gives her an energy boost, and allows her to temporarily use her blood as a biological toxin without worrying about the backlash from losing too much blood.
+Dezra's is short, but has significant muscle mass. she can lift twice her weight without too much of a struggle.
+Dezra seems to have a natural intimidation factor, as she has the tendency to scare off weak opponents. 
=The parasitic influence in her brain creates a top-notch bodily defense, nullifying some disease or sicknesses she may contract.
-The parasite in her body weakens immensely in climate conditions of lower that 30 degrees. As a result, the parasite restricts it's blood flow and shuts Dezra's body down to conserve energy. This effectively invokes a hibernative state in Dezra, who will not awaken until temperatures rise enough to jumpstart her body.
-Increased loss of bodily fluids rids the parasite in her body of a stable environment and restricts the production of the spores that help keep Dezra's body animated. If Dezra doesn't eat enough to nourish her parasite, the parasite will die and Dezra will perish with it.
-Dezra is pretty slow on her feet, as her legs are short in comparison to her arms.
-Dezra tires quickly when exerting a lot of physical energy.
-Dezra is somewhat sensitive about her weight and femininely. Insulting either one will usually set her off into a massive rage, where she will focus only of the target and recklessly pursue and attack them, compromising any battle strategy.

Abilities/Basic Skills:

Necro-Vyspirian Toxicity: Transmitted to Dezra by Sabre Mephisto, this parasite's blood is capable of rearranging organic DNA and causing long term mutations within an organic body, sometimes to the point of death if the subject’s immune system cannot cannot accommodate the changes caused by the parasite. The symptoms are trademarked with reddening of the injection site, fatigue, swelling, and intense pain in its first stages. Dezra has not yet infected anyone with it and doesn't regularly experience bloodshed, so her blood is highly concentrated with transmission spores.
Bigmouth: Refers to the large mouth and loud voice Dezra has. Her screams and yelling fits can distract and even disorient an opponent if loud enough, although they can also easily give up her location. She is also one of the very few members of Team Severity whose mouth can unhinge wide enough to devour the head of a target. Coupled with her strong jaw and sharp teeth, her bite can crush bones.
Force Fire: The ability to launch her teammates directly into a nearby enemies with a swift, hard propulsion. In Dezra's case, she swings them around by their ankles and and throws them.
Body Press: The use of one's own bodily weight to damage the opponent. In Dezra's case, she grabs hold of the target and wraps her arms around them, crushing them against her chest with a bear-hug.
Homing Attack: The ability to home directly into a nearby enemy with a target-seeking quick-paced spin attack. This attack may also be used chain enemies together, or to reach other areas.

Weapon Skills:

Dezra has no weapons, and so has no weapon skills.


"Black Dezra": A state of being when Dezra allows her parasite to reveal itself. Her jaw unhinges completely, and the worm comes through her gaping mouth to fire off homing spores that immobilize and weaken the target. In this state, Dezra's eyes go blank and she falls limp, bestowing control of her body to the parasite until the parasite retreats back inside of her.


~Dezra fears no one more than her mother, Brandy. Even now she is the only person that Dezra has never raised her voice to.
~Dezra's oldest brother, De'Vel would often pretend to be Dezra's boyfriend when she began developing, so that other guys would not bother asking her out.
~Dezra's role in her sector is close ranged "tanker"
~Dezra chose to have her branding on her lower back as a rebellious move against her bothers, who made sure she could never get a tattoo in the city. They threatened every tattooer in the Spring Yard Zone to make certain of it.
~Dezra is the heaviest female of Team Severity.
~Dezra is a kleptomaniac and has been arrested 3 times for getting caught. All of her robberies took place at jewelry stores
~Dezra was spoiled rotten by both her parents when they were together for being the only daughter. Their non-existent discipline against her lead to her out of control sense of entitlement as an adult
~Dezra's character theme is "Devilish," which can be seen in how her hair curves to look like demon horns. She also resembles a rottweiler, commonly known as a "Devil Dog."
~Dezra has never met her niece, but secretly hopes that she looks like her.
~Dezra's clothes are all either too large or too small. Her undersized denim jacket is ragged with torn sleeves, and her white shirt is a size or so too big.Her shoes are slightly oversized, and her pants are very tight on her.
~Dezra was infected on her fist by Sabre's bite. She responded by knocking him unconscious, removing one of his teeth in the process.
~Dezra took a "What Animal Are You?" personality test.... Her result was a Bear.

:bulletblack: Dezra Garnett the Tasmanian Devil © *Blood-Of-Severity 
Bullet; Black Noir-Mobian Concept © *Blood-Of-Severity
Bullet; Black Art © *Blood-Of-Severity

Please do not redistribute or re-post without written consent from me.
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