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“I’ll stop living my life the way I want when dad tells me to stop… Oh yeah, HE’s dead!” - Seryne Severeth

General Information:

Full Name: Seryne Severeth

Aliases: “The Brat”

Nicknames: “Screech” [Amaru], “Princess” [Angelus], “Juliet” [Syndra]

Mental Age: Mid Teens

True Age: 237 Mobian Years

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Marital Status: Dating

Mate: N/A

Infected By: Birth

Chevalier: Chrysante Noxus

Alignment: Dark

Morals: Chaotic Neutral

Team Formation: Flight

Team: Team Severity, Sector 3

Group Affiliations: Team Severity, Black Arms, Children of Lotharus

Date of Birth: November 12th

Zodiac: Scorpio

IQ: 99

Economic Class: Middle Class

Birthplace: Temple of Aztherah; [The Infected, Dysaresta]

Current Residence: New Temple of Aztherah [Yellow Desert Zone, Noir-Mobius]

Occupation: Bartender

Personal Quote: “You aren’t my daddy!”

Theme Song: Greenday: She's a Rebel


Species: White-Bellied Hedgehog

Subspecies: Necro-Vyspirian, Type 1/Aero-Vyspirian Hybrid

Blood Type: Type T-1, exclusive to certain Necro-Vyspirian races

Nationality: Dysarestian/Mobian

Height: 3’2

Weight: 64 lbs

Eye Color: Light yellow sclera, aqua irises rimmed with a bright yellow, and black serpentine or "snake-like" pupils.

Fur Color: Like all white-bellied hedgehogs, Seryne’s belly is completely white in a somewhat serrated pattern that extends to her midsection. The white of her fur is lined with a vivid violet highlight that travels the length of her white underbelly, around her eyes, tip of her left ear, and the medium purple of her quills. Seryne’s primary fur color is a deeper purple, which contrasts to the pale ivory of her muzzle and ear interiors.

Clothing Style: Seryne’s clothing style is usually in a dark color, which she claims brings out her eyes. Her outfit usually consists of a midnight blue shirt with hanging sleeves and matching leg warmers. Her pants are black, tight fitting, and purposely torn. She wears a red and black “bitch” collar as well.

Jewelry: Two black hoops piercings in each ear, and two golden studs in each ear

Scars/Markings: A curved darkening of the muzzle marking just beneath her eyes and extending into her muzzle, and a symbol branded on her right ankle displaying her Team Severity membership.


Attitude: Like most Vyspirian children, Seryne was a very active and very destructive girl in her youth, often picking fights with others just to have her brothers swoop in and protect her. After the loss of her parents and near death of her brother, Amaru; Seryne became somewhat clingy and over dependent towards her siblings (to their dismay). Selfish, sneaky, and reckless, Seryne enjoys having fun over all else with no regard for the safety of herself and others, sometimes even driving herself into situations which require that she be saved by her siblings. To this day she remains close to them, purposely irking them in hopes of gathering attention, especially due to the incestuous habits of the Vyspirian specie. Seryne does not handle rejection well, and is known to throw major temper tantrums and go out of her way to make trouble when she doesn't get her way.

Life’s Aspirations: Seryne isn't one to think about her future, rather living in the moment and enjoying the present as it happens.

Favorite Foods: Mainly expensive cuisine, but like Amaru and Varick, she will eat snakes, insects, and the Black Fruit found on Dysaresta.

Ideology: Radical Anarchist

Religion: Tyvaissiism; to an extent

Likes: Nightclubs; Fruity colorful drinks; Dangerous men; Adrenaline rushes; The “Scene” style of dress; Outgoing individuals; Drinking games; Flirting; Proving her self-reliance; Irking her brothers; Neon colors; Fitting in

Dislikes: Being called a “brat”; Being ignored; Being rejected; Being given rules; Difficult puzzles, Cheap restaurant food, Quiet people, The word “no”.

Fears: Gerascophobia- "Fear of growing old"


Father: †Cain Severeth

Mother: †Akira Severeth

Uncle(s): Pierce Severeth

Aunts(s): †Shira Ishtar

Brother(s): Varick Severeth, Amaru Severeth

Sister(s): N/A

Cousin(s): N/A

Son(s): N/A

Daughter(s): N/A

Nephew(s): Maverick Nitrox-Severeth, Melchior, Sabrius

Nieces(s): Celestia Bloodstone, Lorelei

Grandchild(ren): N/A


-Varick Severeth: The more practical and intelligent of her two older siblings, Varick goes out of his way to keep his eye on and guide Seryne into being a productive member of society. He fails often.

Noticeable Partners:

-Drayke Lithgow: The power orient of Team Severity, Sector Three

Sevira Sexton: The speed orient of Team Severity, Sector Three


-Sabre Mephisto: Her best friend, Sabre is the perfect compliment to Seryne's "Party Hard" lifestyle. Together they sneak out late and club-hop their way into as much trouble they can find, usually in the form of designer drugs, bar fights, and undesirable company. They love every minute of it though.

-Amelia Rosabel: Sharing both similar morals and similar childish personalities, these two get along very well, and often collaborate in their plots and schemes for attention. However, they are also known to get in the way of each other, which can drive them against one another.

-Mace Vermillion: Seryne really enjoys Mace's companionship, especially since he has a constant drive for excitement that matches hers. Though they vary on their individual definitions of "fun" they get along well and often get into lots of trouble.

-Raizo Silvanus: Raizo's perversion tends to attract Seryne's "friendliness" very easily, hence they get along in ways that other members of Team Severity would not.


-Xavier Dares: Xavier Dares is Seryne's great great grandfather and is the reason for Team Severity's emergence. His greedy nature thrust Seryne's home planet into scarcity and death, which angered a handful of people who moved on to create the resistance, which Seryne s part of .

-Sevira Sexton: Seryne despises Sevira in so many ways, but most notably for Sevira's vanity, and the fact that she attracts more attention that Seryne does. Seryne is even more riled up when Amaru's attention is stolen by the "Whore of Severity."

-Lorelei: Always fighting for Amaru's attention albeit for different reasons, these two clash often. the fact that they look somewhat similar only makes this rivalry that much worse.

Parallel Forms:

-Seiran Severeth: Seryne's genderbent counterpart

-Serene Severeth Seryne's anti counterpart

Potential Romantic Interests:

-Seryne will be going on a date with Lucian Lowell very soon.

-Sabre Mephisto: Although she doesn't see him as eye-candy, she appreciates and adores their comparability. His non-nonchalant way of living is just what she admires in a man, as she despises those who can't "live "a little.

-Amaru Severeth: Seryne has been interested in her brother for as long as she can remember. Something about the way he protects her, then blows her off is more than attractive. Although he isn't always interested, he gets jealous when she's with other men, so she can tell there are times when he is. She constantly flirts with him to see is she can pounce on the opportunity when it arises.

Overall Stats:

Agility: 6/10

Speed: 5/10

Physical Strength: 4/10

Physical Defense: 4/10

Energy Projection: 0/10
Offensive Ability: 0/10
Defensive Ability: 0/10
Restorative Healing Ability: 0/10

Evasiveness: 8/10

Endurance: 4/10

Weapons Skill: 2/10

Intelligence: 5/10

Stamina: 6/10

Overall Battle Skill: 6/10

Overall Fighter’s Rank: C rank

Physical Strengths:

-As a host of the Black Arms parasite by birth, Seryne prefers warm areas, as they are beneficial to the annelid within her. Warm areas seem to provide an energetic boost for her bodily functions, and she tends to recover from harm 5% quicker than she would normally in them.

-Due to the annelid's preference for broken down compounds, Seryne also prefers certain foods. Partially rotten fruits especially after digestion allows the parasite within her to feed more easily and excrete more of the substance that acts as her blood. This allows her to utilize this black material as a biological toxin without suffering from the backlash of losing too much.

Mental Strengths:

-Seryne loves to show off in male company. when men are around, especially her brothers, she likes to push herself a little harder to show off her skills, resulting in more success.


-The parasitic influence in her brain creates top-notch bodily defenses, nullifying any disease or sickness he may contract.

Physical Weaknesses:

-The parasite in her body weakens immensely in climate conditions of lower that 50 degrees. As a result, the parasite restricts it's blood flow and shuts Seryne's body down to conserve energy. This effectively invokes a hibernative state in Seryne, who will not awaken until temperatures rise enough to jumpstart her body.

-Increased loss of bodily fluids, rids the parasite in her body of a stable environment in which to survive and restricts the production of the fluid that Seryne's body survives on. If Seryne doesn't eat enough to coax the annelid into secreting more fluid, the parasite will die and Seryne will perish with it.

Mental Weaknesses:

-Seryne is incredibly hardheaded, and goes out of her way to evade regulations and guidelines. This often gets her into trouble.

-Seryne has the tendency to indulge in alcoholic beverages often and can be very susceptible to suggestion while drunk. Taking advantage of her is very easy at this time.


Necro-Vyspirian Toxicity: Refers to the potent blood secreted by the some types of the Necro-Vyspirian breed, those they infect with the virus, or give birth to; to a lesser degree of course depending on the spread of the trait. The black substance is capable of rearranging organic DNA to an extent, sometimes to the point of death if the subject’s immune system cannot cannot accommodate the changes caused by the parasite. The symptoms in males differ from those in females, although both are trademarked with reddening of the injection site, fatigue, swelling, and intense pain in its first stages. Seryne has already performed the christening of a chevalier, therefore the blood if injected into a non-Vyspirian will always destroy the body; male or female.

Ocular Coercion: A trait passed down by his father's side of the family that enables one to halt the bodily movements of others with a glare from the eyes for a short period of time. Seryne's coercion is lackluster at best and can only stifle the movement of once upper body for a few minutes once eye contact is made. Ocular coercion is ineffective in bright areas.

Chaotic Charmer: Seryne's illustrious eyes are the key to her spell. Using a sweet act, she utilizes the slight Ocular Coercion she has to lock eyes with her target, making sure she doesn't break their hold before she tempts them, usually gaining access to what she wants by deception under a veneer of innocence.

Flight: The capability sustaining flight via the two membranes extending from her shoulder blades and down her arms. Although these membranes are not the best at taking her higher due to their small size, they are perfect at keeping her aloft when gliding. She is experienced in this field and maneuvers well in the air.

Trademarked Skills:

“Shattering Shriek”: Inhaling deeply to inflate her oversized lungs with air; Seryne builds a cyclic pressure and opens her mouth to emit a rather loud shrieking sound to damage the severely damage the ears of any aggressor within a 50-foot range. The maximum exposure that can be emitted is 100 dB, which is enough to deafen an individual for days if they have over-sensitive hearing.


Seryne has no transformations


~Seryne surpasses every other member of Team Severity in planetary knowledge of Noir-Mobius, even going far enough to call herself a “Noir-Mobian enthusiast.”

~By visuals, Seryne is the only female Chiroveran member of Team Severity. However, Project F.A.T.A.L is a product of Seryne's brother Amaru and therefore despite having no external attributes, she also has a scant amount of Chiroveran DNA.

~Seryne's favorite drink is a Long Island Iced Tea

~When no one is looking, Seryne likes to sneak into Amaru's chamber and wear his clothes, sometimes sleeping in his cloak.

~Of all of her siblings, Seryne is the one that favors their mother most. Despite this, she however has the weakest Ocular Coercion after Varick, then Amaru. This is due to her never training the gift.

~The collar around Seryne’s neck is a silent indication of her involvement in D/s.

~Seryne named her whip "Pop Rocker"

~ Seryne has received more violent contact from Amaru than she has with Varick, simply because Varick's patience for her constant trouble-making is much higher than Amaru's.

~Seryne has never forgiven Varick for eating her pet Lindra "Scurry" approximately one hundred and three years ago

~In Seryne’s opinion, her most attractive feature is her ice blue eyes.

~Seryne practically raped Chrysante when she infected him, as he "would rather die than have sex with her" even though it his life literally depended on it. With this in mind, Seryne took his virginity.

~The scar on the left side of Seryne’s waist was made by Varick’s tail barbs. Seryne almost didn’t make it to term due to being wounded in the battle Varick and Amaru shared in trying to eliminate one another in the womb.

~Seryne has a horrid singing voice. Her soprano is so high pitched, it's said she can shatter glass.

~Seryne took a "What Animal Are You?" personality test.... Her result was a Zebra.


:heart:Please offer a critique on Seryne if you can, I'd love to hear your thoughts on her:heart:

:bulletpurple: Seryne Severeth © *Blood-Of-Severity
:bulletblack: Art © *Blood-Of-Severity

Therefore only I may use/post/edit this reference.
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hollow123666 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
love it as always. she makes me think of rouge only more like a bat.
PersiaHedges Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013
Wow it's still cool your doing sonic stuff and it's been looking better and better. I espically like the cartoon style of all the characters you draw plus the heavily detailed information on them it's like reading a wiki if your characters had a show or something like that. But what I definetely love how the time and effort you put into them also love the demon look you give to most of the characters too. You're one of the few people that definetely inspiried me in the past and still do so I hope you keep drawing in the future.
Ask-rikal-the-cat Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
She looks cute!
Blood-Of-Severity Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you.
HeroesDoody Featured By Owner May 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She looks like a vampire.
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o_O Oh my, it seems Ms.Severeth here is into incest~
Blood-Of-Severity Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Most Dysarestian-born Vyspirians are XD
FairyEquinox Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I admire her design very much so(she's always been one of my favorites out of your characters), and if I'm correct, you changed the shade of yellow used for the sclera?

I like both shades, to be honest, because it's a very interesting characteristic of the species; however, I think the lighter shade suits your characters much, much better due to the fact their outer iris is lined with yellow as well. I like her collar, but I feel that it makes her body look rectangular, for some odd reason.

But, all in all, you did very well, as you always do. :3

I would write a formal critique, but I can't. :< So I'm stuck with doing it in the comments, albeit very informal.
TheTweedleTwins Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Oh, she's cute!
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TheTweedleTwins Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
It is always a pleasure!
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I'd hit :icondatobama:
Blood-Of-Severity Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Didn't know you had a thing for Seryne
Rush-Lo Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Student Writer
The only thing I have for Seryne is the thought of her as someone to play with. I don't think she would be capable of anything more than that, anyway.
Blood-Of-Severity Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You'd think that... and you'd be dead wrong.
Rush-Lo Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Student Writer
ha... prove it to me and I'll believe you.
Tonythunder Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
pretty amazing job on her Amelia! :thumbsup:
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Thanks sweetie
Tonythunder Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012
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Artistic-Twist Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
She turned out great! I’m glad I was able to see you line and color Seryne a bit<3

Lucian’s gonna have his hands full…XD
Blood-Of-Severity Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Artistic-Twist Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
That’s okay, he likes a challenge! >8D
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Blood-Of-Severity Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
HeartlessHunter13 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist
Actually, I think that line is more appropriate for Sevira Sexton . . . then again, I can use "Hello Nurse" for all the Severity women . . . then have probabilities of A) getting killed, B) playful bantering, or C) BOTH . . . and D) None of the Above
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